Commit 6058134f authored by Dan Frumin's avatar Dan Frumin
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Add `map_filter_strong_ext_2`.

parent 29af30c2
......@@ -1332,6 +1332,13 @@ Section map_filter_ext.
intros HPiff. apply map_eq. intros i. apply option_eq; intros x.
rewrite !map_filter_lookup_Some. naive_solver.
Lemma map_filter_strong_ext_2 (m1 m2 : M A) i x :
filter P m1 = filter Q m2
(P (i, x) m1 !! i = Some x) (Q (i, x) m2 !! i = Some x).
intros Hfilt. rewrite (comm _ (P (i, x))), (comm _ (Q (i, x))).
rewrite <- !map_filter_lookup_Some. by repeat f_equiv.
Lemma map_filter_ext (m : M A) :
( i x, m !! i = Some x P (i, x) Q (i, x))
filter P m = filter Q m.
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