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Merge branch 'robbert/set_fold_disj_union_strong' into 'master'

Add lemma `set_fold_disj_union_strong`.

See merge request iris/stdpp!267
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......@@ -247,14 +247,36 @@ Proof. by unfold set_fold; simpl; rewrite elements_empty. Qed.
Lemma set_fold_singleton {B} (f : A B B) (b : B) (a : A) :
set_fold f b ({[a]} : C) = f a b.
Proof. by unfold set_fold; simpl; rewrite elements_singleton. Qed.
(** Generalization of [set_fold_disj_union] (below) with a.) a relation [R]
instead of equality b.) a function [f : A → B → B] instead of [f : A → A → A],
and c.) premises that ensure the elements are in [X ∪ Y]. *)
Lemma set_fold_disj_union_strong {B} (R : relation B) `{!PreOrder R}
(f : A B B) (b : B) X Y :
( x, Proper (R ==> R) (f x))
( x1 x2 b',
(** This is morally commutativity + associativity for elements of [X ∪ Y] *)
x1 X Y x2 X Y x1 x2
R (f x1 (f x2 b')) (f x2 (f x1 b')))
X ## Y
R (set_fold f b (X Y)) (set_fold f (set_fold f b X) Y).
intros ? Hf Hdisj. unfold set_fold; simpl.
rewrite <-foldr_app. apply (foldr_permutation R f b).
- intros j1 x1 j2 x2 b' Hj Hj1 Hj2. apply Hf.
+ apply elem_of_list_lookup_2 in Hj1. set_solver.
+ apply elem_of_list_lookup_2 in Hj2. set_solver.
+ intros ->. pose proof (NoDup_elements (X Y)).
by eapply Hj, NoDup_lookup.
- by rewrite elements_disj_union, (comm (++)).
Lemma set_fold_disj_union (f : A A A) (b : A) X Y :
Comm (=) f
Assoc (=) f
X ## Y
set_fold f b (X Y) = set_fold f (set_fold f b X) Y.
intros Hcomm Hassoc Hdisj. unfold set_fold; simpl.
by rewrite elements_disj_union, <- foldr_app, (comm (++)).
intros. apply (set_fold_disj_union_strong _ _ _ _ _ _); [|done].
intros x1 x2 b' _ _ _. by rewrite !(assoc_L f), (comm_L f x1).
(** * Minimal elements *)
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