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Document Makefile flags together

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......@@ -46,6 +46,8 @@ Some test cases have per-Coq-version `.ref` files (e.g., `atomic.8.8.ref` is a
Coq-8.8-specific `.ref` file). If you change one of these, remember to update
*all* the `.ref` files.
If you want to compile without tests run `make NO_TEST=1`.
## How to measure the timing effect on a reverse dependency
So say you did a change in Iris, and want to know how it affects [lambda-rust]
# use NO_TEST=1 to skip the tests
# use MAKE_REF=1 to generate new reference files
# Run tests interleaved with main build. They have to be in the same target for this.
real-all: $(if $(NO_TEST),,test)
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