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coq-ho: update README, remove commented-out robust safety (in preparation for HOPE)

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......@@ -51,19 +51,23 @@ CONTENTS
* lang.v defines the threadpool reduction and derives some lemmas
from core_lang.v
* masks.v introduces some lemmas about masks
* world_prop_recdom.v uses the ModuRes Coq library to construct the domain
for Iris propositions, satisfying the interface to the Iris domain
defined in world_prop.v
* world_prop.v uses the ModuRes Coq library to construct the domain
for Iris propositions
* iris_core.v constructs the BI structure on the Iris domain, and defines
some additional connectives (box, later, ownership).
* iris_core.v defines world satisfaction and the simpler assertions
* iris_plog.v adds the programming logic: World satisfaction, primitive view shifts,
weakest precondition.
* iris_vs.v defines view shifts and proves their rules
* iris_vs_rules.v and iris_wp_rules.v contain proofs of the primitive proof
rules for primitive view shifts and weakest precondition, respectively.
* iris_wp.v defines weakest preconditions and proves the rules for
Hoare triples
* iris_derived_rules.v derives rules for Hoare triples and view shifts
(as presented in the appendix).
* iris_meta.v proves adequacy, robust safety, and the lifting lemmas
* iris_meta.v proves adequacy and the lifting lemmas
The development uses ModuRes, a Coq library by Sieczkowski et al. to
solve the recursive domain equation (see the paper for a reference)
......@@ -76,7 +80,7 @@ REQUIREMENTS
We have tested the development using Coq 8.4pl4 on Linux and Mac
machines. The entire compilation took less than an hour.
machines. The entire compilation took less than 15 minutes.
......@@ -95,23 +99,23 @@ OVERVIEW OF LEMMAS
RULE Coq lemma
VSTimeless iris_vs.v:/vsTimeless
NewInv iris_vs.v:/vsNewInv
InvOpen iris_vs.v:/vsOpen
InvClose iris_vs.v:/vsClose
VSTrans iris_vs.v:/vsTrans
VSImp iris_vs.v:/vsEnt
VSFrame iris_vs.v:/vsFrame
FpUpd iris_vs.v:/vsGhostUpd
Ret iris_wp.v:/htRet
Bind iris_wp.v:/htBind
Frame iris_wp.v:/htFrame
AFrame iris_wp.v:/htAFrame
Csq iris_wp.v:/htCons
ACSQ iris_wp.v:/htACons
Fork iris_wp.v:/htFork
VSTimeless iris_derived_rules.v:vsTimeless
NewInv iris_derived_rules.v:vsNewInv
InvOpen iris_derived_rules.v:vsOpen
InvClose iris_derived_rules.v:vsClose
VSTrans iris_derived_rules.v:vsTrans
VSImp iris_derived_rules.v:vsEnt
VSFrame iris_derived_rules.v:vsFrame
FpUpd iris_derived_rules.v:vsGhostUpd
Ret iris_derived_rules.v:htRet
Bind iris_derived_rules.v:htBind
Frame iris_derived_rules.v:htFrame
AFrame iris_derived_rules.v:htAFrame
Csq iris_derived_rules.v:htCons
ACSQ iris_derived_rules.v:htACons
Fork iris_derived_rules.v:htFork
The main adequacy result is expressed by Theorem
......@@ -227,129 +227,6 @@ Module Type IRIS_META (RL : VIRA_T) (C : CORE_LANG) (R: IRIS_RES RL C) (WP: WORL
End Adequacy.
(* Section RobustSafety.
Implicit Types (P : Props) (i n k : nat) (safe : bool) (m : mask) (e : expr) (v : value) (Q : vPred) (r : res) (w : Wld) (σ : state).
Implicit Types (E : expr -n> Props) (Θ : Props).
Program Definition restrictV E : vPred :=
n[(fun v => E (` v))].
Next Obligation.
move=> v v' Hv w k r; move: Hv.
case: n=>[_ Hk | n]; first by exfalso; omega.
by move=> /= ->.
Definition pure e := ~ atomic e /\ forall σ e' σ',
prim_step (e,σ) (e',σ') ->
σ = σ'.
Definition restrict_lang := forall e,
reducible e ->
atomic e \/ pure e.
Definition fork_compat E Θ := forall e,
Θ ⊑ (E (fork e) → E e).
Definition fill_compat E Θ := forall K e,
Θ ⊑ (E (fill K e) ↔ E e * E (fill K fork_ret)).
Definition atomic_compat E Θ m := forall e,
atomic e ->
Θ ⊑ ht false m (E e) e (restrictV E).
Definition pure_compat E Θ m := forall e σ e',
prim_step (e,σ) (e',σ) ->
Θ ⊑ vs m m (E e) (E e').
Lemma robust_safety {E Θ e m}
(LANG : restrict_lang)
(FORK : fork_compat E Θ)
(FILL : fill_compat E Θ)
(HT : atomic_compat E Θ m)
(VS : pure_compat E Θ m) :
□Θ ⊑ ht false m (E e) e (restrictV E).
move=> wz nz rz HΘ w HSw n r HLe _ He.
have {HΘ wz nz rz HSw HLe} HΘ: Θ w n 1 by rewrite/= in HΘ; exact: propsMWN HΘ.
(* generalize IH's post-condition for the fork case *)
pose post Q := forall v w n r, (E (`v)) w n r -> (Q v) w n r.
set Q := restrictV E; have HQ: post Q by done.
move: HΘ He HQ; move: n e w r Q; elim/wf_nat_ind => n IH e w r Q HΘ He HQ.
rewrite unfold_wp; move=> w' k rf mf σ HSw HLt HD HW.
(* specialize a bit *)
move/(_ _ _ _ _ HΘ): FORK => FORK.
move/(_ _ _ _ _ _ HΘ): FILL => FILL.
move/(_ _ _)/biimpL: (FILL) => SPLIT; move/(_ _ _)/biimpR: FILL => FILL.
move/(_ _ _ _ _ _ HΘ): HT => HT.
move/(_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ HΘ): VS => VS.
have {IH HΘ Θ} IH: forall e w' r Q,
w ⊑ w' -> (E e) w' k r -> post Q -> ((wp false m e) Q) w' k r.
{ move=> ? ? ? ? HSw'; move/(propsMWN HSw' (lelt HLt)): HΘ => HΘ. exact: IH. }
have HLe: S k <= n by omega.
(* e value *)
exists w' r. split; [by reflexivity | split; [| done]].
apply: HQ. exact: propsMWN He. }
split; [| split; [| done]]; first last.
(* e forks *)
{ move=> e' K HDec {LANG FILL HT VS}; rewrite HDec {HDec} in He.
move/(SPLIT _ _ _ (prefl w) _ _ (lerefl n) unit_min)
/(propsMWN HSw (lelt HLt)): He => [re' [rK [Hr [He' HK]]]] {SPLIT}.
move/(FORK _ _ HSw _ _ (lelt HLt) unit_min): He' => He' {FORK}.
exists w' re' rK. split; [by reflexivity | split; [exact: IH | split; [exact: IH |]]].
move: HW; rewrite -Hr. exact: wsatM. }
(* e steps *)
(* both forthcoming cases work at step-indices S k and (for the IH) k. *)
have HLt': k < S k by done.
move=> σ' ei ei' K HDec HStep; rewrite HDec {HDec} in He.
move/(SPLIT _ _ _ (prefl w) _ _ (lerefl n) unit_min)
/(propsMWN HSw HLe): He => [rei [rK [Hr [Hei HK]]]] {SPLIT}.
move: HW; rewrite -Hr -assoc => HW {Hr r}.
have HRed: reducible ei by exists σ (ei',σ').
case: (LANG ei HRed)=>[HA {VS} | [_ HP] {HT}] {LANG HRed}; last first.
(* pure step *)
{ move/(_ _ _ _ HStep): HP => HP; move: HStep HW. rewrite HP => HStep HW {HP σ}.
move/(_ _ _ _ HStep _ HSw _ _ HLe unit_min Hei): VS => VS {HStep HLe Hei}.
move: HD; rewrite -{1}(mask_union_idem m) => HD.
move/(_ _ _ _ _ _ (prefl w') HLt' HD HW): VS => [w'' [r' [HSw' [Hei' HW']]]] {HLt' HD HW}.
have HLe': k <= S k by omega.
exists w'' (r' · rK). split; [done | split; [| by move/(wsatM HLe'): HW'; rewrite assoc]].
set HwSw'' := ptrans HSw HSw'.
apply: IH; [done | | done].
apply: (FILL _ _ _ HwSw'' _ _ (lelt HLt) unit_min).
exists r' rK. split; first by reflexivity.
split; [ exact: propsMN Hei' | exact: propsMWN HK ]. }
(* atomic step *)
move/(_ _ HA _ HSw (S k) _ HLe unit_min Hei): HT => {Hei HLe} Hei.
(* unroll wp(ei,E)—step case—to get wp(ei',E) *)
move: Hei; rewrite {1}unfold_wp => Hei.
move/(_ _ _ _ _ _ (prefl w') HLt' HD HW): Hei => [_ [HS _]] {HLt' HW}.
have Hεei: ei = fill ε ei by rewrite fill_empty.
move/(_ _ _ _ _ Hεei HStep): HS => [w'' [r' [HSw' [Hei' HW']]]] {Hεei}.
(* unroll wp(ei',E)—value case—to get E ei' *)
move: Hei'; rewrite (fill_empty ei') {1}unfold_wp => Hei'.
move: IH HLt HK HW' Hei'; case: k => [| k'] IH HLt HK HW' Hei'.
{ exists w'' r'. by split; [done | split; [exact: wpO | done]]. }
have HLt': k' < S k' by done.
move/(_ _ _ _ _ _ (prefl w'') HLt' HD HW'): Hei' => [Hv _] {HLt' HD HW'}.
move: (atomic_step HA HStep) => HV {HA HStep}.
move/(_ HV): Hv => [w''' [rei' [HSw'' [Hei' HW]]]].
move: HW; rewrite assoc => HW.
set Hw'Sw''' := ptrans HSw' HSw''.
set HwSw''' := ptrans HSw Hw'Sw'''.
exists w''' (rei' · rK). split; [done | split; [| done]].
apply: IH; [done | | done].
apply: (FILL _ _ _ HwSw''' _ _ (lelt HLt) unit_min).
exists rei' rK. split; [by reflexivity | split; [done |]].
have HLe: S k' <= S (S k') by omega.
exact: propsMWN HK.
End RobustSafety. *)
Section StatefulLifting.
Implicit Types (P : Props) (n k : nat) (safe : bool) (m : DecEnsemble nat) (e : expr) (r : res) (σ : state) (w : Wld).
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