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## Iris master
**Changes in `bi`:**
* Rename `least_fixpoint_ind` into `least_fixpoint_iter`,
rename `greatest_fixpoint_coind` into `greatest_fixpoint_coiter`,
rename `least_fixpoint_strong_ind` into `least_fixpoint_ind`,
add lemmas `least_fixpoint_{ind_wf, ne', strong_mono}`, and
add lemmas `greatest_fixpoint_{coind, paco, ne', strong_mono}`.
* Move `persistently_forall_2` (`∀ <pers> ⊢ <pers> ∀`) out of the BI interface
into a new typeclass, `BiPersistentlyForall`. The BI interface instead just
demands the equivalent property for conjunction (`(<pers> P) ∧ (<pers> Q) ⊢
<pers> (P ∧ Q)`). This enables the IPM to support logics where the
persistently modality is defined with an existential quantifier. This also
necessitates removing `persistently_impl_plainly` from `BiPlainly` into a new
typeclass `BiPersistentlyImplPlainly`.
Proofs that are generic in `PROP` might have to add those new classes as
assumptions to remain compatible, and code that instantiates the BI interface
needs to also provide instances for the new classes.
The following `sed` script helps adjust your code to the renaming (on macOS,
replace `sed` by `gsed`, installed via e.g. `brew install gnu-sed`).
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