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......@@ -143,6 +143,20 @@ HeapLang, which is now in a separate package `coq-iris-heap-lang`.
initial heap.
* Rename `mapsto_mapsto_ne` to `mapsto_frac_ne`, and add a simpler
`mapsto_ne` that does not require reasoning about fractions.
* Generalize the `gen_heap` library to discardable fractions.
+ The `mapsto` connective now takes a `dfrac` rather than a `frac` (i.e.,
positive rational number `Qp`).
+ The notation `l ↦{ dq } v` is generalized to discardable fractions
`dq : dfrac`.
+ The new notation `l ↦{# q} v` is used for a concrete fraction `q : frac`
(e.g., to enable writing `l ↦{# 1/2} v`).
+ The new notation `l ↦□ v` is used for the discarded fraction.
+ The lemma `mapsto_persist : l ↦{dq} v ==∗ l ↦□ v` has been added.
+ See the changes to HeapLang for an indication on how to adapt your language.
+ See the changes to iris-examples for an indication on how to adapt your
development. In particular, instead of `∃ q, l ↦{q} v` you likely want to
use `l ↦□ v`, which has the advantage of being persistent (rather than just
**Changes in `program_logic`:**
......@@ -153,6 +167,10 @@ HeapLang, which is now in a separate package `coq-iris-heap-lang`.
avoid TC search attempting to apply this instance all the time.
* Merge `wp_value_inv`/`wp_value_inv'` into `wp_value_fupd`/`wp_value_fupd'` by
making the lemma bidirectional.
* Generalize HeapLang's `mapsto` (`↦`) and `array` (`↦∗`) connectives to
discardable fractions. See the CHANGELOG entry in the category `base_logic`
for more information.
* Generalize HeapLang's atomic heap to discardable fractions.
**Changes in `heap_lang`:**
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