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Sketch docs for computation on [gmap], since they're a FAQ

See merge request iris/stdpp!171
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(** This file implements finite maps and finite sets with keys of any countable
type. The implementation is based on [Pmap]s, radix-2 search trees. *)
type. The implementation is based on [Pmap]s, radix-2 search trees.
Computations on [gmap] or [gset], even concrete ones, are prevented from
reducing with [simpl] or [cbv] (by marking [gmap_empty] as [Opaque]), because
[simpl] reduces too eagerly.
To compute concrete results, you need to both:
- project in the end to some concrete data structure that, unlike
[gmap]/[gset], does not contain proofs, say via [map_to_list] or [!!]; and
- use [vm_compute] to run the computation, because it ignores opacity.
From stdpp Require Export countable infinite fin_maps fin_map_dom.
From stdpp Require Import pmap mapset propset.
(* Set Default Proof Using "Type". *)
......@@ -31,6 +40,13 @@ Defined.
Instance gmap_lookup `{Countable K} {A} : Lookup K A (gmap K A) :=
λ i '(GMap m _), m !! encode i.
Instance gmap_empty `{Countable K} {A} : Empty (gmap K A) := GMap I.
(** Block reduction, even on concrete [gmap]s.
Marking [gmap_empty] as [simpl never] would not be enough, because of and
And marking [gmap] consumers as [simpl never] does not work either, see:
Global Opaque gmap_empty.
Lemma gmap_partial_alter_wf `{Countable K} {A} (f : option A option A) m i :
gmap_wf K m gmap_wf K (partial_alter f (encode (A:=K) i) m).
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