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Add the ticket lock example

The specification for ticket lock is proven using the atomic
specification for the increment operation.
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......@@ -4,6 +4,7 @@ theories/atomic.v
(* Ticket lock as a user of the atomic increment *)
From iris.program_logic Require Export weakestpre.
From iris.heap_lang Require Export lang proofmode notation.
From iris.algebra Require Import auth gset.
From iris_atomic Require Import atomic atomic_incr.
From iris.proofmode Require Import tactics.
From iris.heap_lang.lib Require Import ticket_lock.
(* we only change the definition of "acquire" *)
Definition acquire : val :=
rec: "acquire" "lk" :=
let: "n" := incr (Snd "lk") in
wait_loop "n" "lk".
Section contents.
Context `{!heapG Σ, !tlockG Σ} (N : namespace).
Transparent is_lock.
Lemma acquire_spec γ lk R :
{{{ is_lock N γ lk R }}} acquire lk {{{ RET #(); locked γ R }}}.
iIntros (ϕ) "Hl HΦ". unfold is_lock.
iDestruct "Hl" as (lo ln ->) "#Hinv".
unfold acquire. do 2 (wp_pure _). wp_bind (incr _).
iDestruct (incr_atomic_spec ln) as "Hincr".
iApply "Hincr"; last by iExact "HΦ".
iAlways. iIntros "HΦ".
iInv N as (o n) "[>Hlo [>Hln [>Hauth Ha]]]" "Hclose".
iMod (fupd_intro_mask' _ ) as "Hvs"; first set_solver.
(* ^ this would be easier if we would have generalized the incr_atomic_spec to an aribtrary mask *)
iModIntro. iExists _; iFrame "Hln". iSplit.
- iIntros "Hln". iFrame "HΦ".
iMod "Hvs" as "_". iApply "Hclose".
iNext. iExists _,_; iFrame.
- iIntros (?) "[% Hln]"; simplify_eq.
iMod (own_update with "Hauth") as "[Hauth Hofull]".
{ eapply auth_update_alloc, prod_local_update_2.
eapply (gset_disj_alloc_empty_local_update _ {[ n ]}).
apply (seq_set_S_disjoint 0). }
rewrite -(seq_set_S_union_L 0).
iMod "Hvs" as "_". iMod ("Hclose" with "[-HΦ Hofull]") as "_".
{ iNext. iExists _,_; iFrame.
rewrite Nat2Z.inj_succ -Z.add_1_r. by iFrame. }
iModIntro. wp_let.
iApply (wait_loop_spec N γ (#lo, #ln) with "[-HΦ]").
+ iFrame. rewrite /issued /is_lock; eauto 10.
+ by iNext.
End contents.
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