Commit 94c07daa authored by Michael Sammler's avatar Michael Sammler
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fix imap_seq and imap_seq0 to make them useful

parent 93b578a5
......@@ -38,14 +38,14 @@ Section seq.
Lemma fmap_S_seq j n : S <$> seq j n = seq (S j) n.
Proof. apply (fmap_add_seq 1). Qed.
Lemma imap_seq {A} (l : list A) (g : nat A) i :
Lemma imap_seq {A B} (l : list A) (g : nat B) i :
imap (λ j _, g (i + j)) l = g <$> seq i (length l).
revert i. induction l as [|x l IH]; [done|].
csimpl. intros n. rewrite <-IH, <-plus_n_O. f_equal.
apply imap_ext; simpl; auto with lia.
Lemma imap_seq_0 {A} (l : list A) (g : nat A) :
Lemma imap_seq_0 {A B} (l : list A) (g : nat B) :
imap (λ j _, g j) l = g <$> seq 0 (length l).
Proof. rewrite (imap_ext _ (λ i o, g (0 + i))); [|done]. apply imap_seq. Qed.
Lemma lookup_seq_lt j n i : i < n seq j n !! i = Some (j + i).
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