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......@@ -23,6 +23,14 @@ lemma.
* Remove `view_auth_frac_op`, `auth_auth_frac_op`, `gmap_view_auth_frac_op`; the
corresponding `dfrac` lemmas can be used instead (together with `dfrac_op_own`
if needed).
* Equip `mono_nat` algebra with support for `dfrac`, make API more consistent,
and add notation for algebra elements. See `iris/algebra/lib/mono_nat.v` for
details. This affects some existing terms and lemmas:
- `mono_nat_auth` now takes a `dfrac`, but the recommendation is to port to the notation.
- `mono_nat_lb_op`: direction of equality is swapped.
- `mono_nat_auth_frac_op`, `mono_nat_auth_frac_op_valid`,
`mono_nat_auth_frac_valid`, `mono_nat_both_frac_valid`: use `dfrac` variant
**Changes in `bi`:**
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