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......@@ -16,15 +16,6 @@ to also push to the right branch!
## How to configure CI for your project
First of all, your project needs to have a CI runner. We have two runners
dedicated for Iris projects, where `coop-timing` is used for jobs that do timing
measurements (so these runners are more isolated from each other, at the cost of
overall parallelism) and `coop` performs all the "normal" jobs. Talk to a
GitLab admin to get them added to your project. The timing runner should only
be added to "official" projects in the Iris group, both because of the lack of
parallelism and because the [timing visualization website][coq-speed] assumes
this. See the [timing section](#timing) for more information.
Inside your project, create a `.gitlab-ci.yml` with the following prelude,
substituting `\REPO` for the name of the repository (e.g. `iris/stdpp`):
......@@ -158,6 +149,9 @@ This requires setting the `TIMING_SECRET` CI variable. Talk to an admin about
this. The variable should *not* be protected because we do timing measurements
on all branches, not just `master`!
You also need to enable the `coop-timing` runner for your project. Again this
needs to be done by an admit.
Behind the scenes, the data is sent to our
[custom webhook](, which runs
on `` and locally stores the data in a PostgreSQL database.
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