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+ ``: uses a few opam workarounds; in case there are problems with the opam cache, use the `Clear Runner Caches` button on the pipeline overview in Gitlab.
This will not delete anything, just bump up some counter to avoid using the old caches.
- iris: `iris-bot` script does two things: checking if reverse dependencies still build and checking two commits for timing differences. To do that, there are `trigger-iris.timing`/`` CI jobs, CI is using the `TIMING_AD_HOC_ID` variable to check which one to run. Again see `` for more details.
## Steps to setup the coop server after a system reinstall
1. Restore visible files in home directory (optional, the files are not strictly needed, but useful)
2. Add Debian package repos for gitlab-runner and Docker and install them according to their respective instructions.
3. In /etc/systemd/system.conf: set CPU affinity
4. restore /etc/gitlab-runner/config.toml
5. restore /etc/sysctl/perf.conf
6. (Use a seccomp file that enables the `perf_even_open` syscall in Docker, see the accepted answer to ; alternatively keeping the timing Docker container privileged works)
7. Check if everything is running.
+ CPU Affinity: sanity-check in htop that only the cores that are configured in system.conf are running system processes
8. Update the docker image at Docker Hub (the Debian version for the timing job needs to be the same as the host version, to have perf working), `ralfjung/opam-ci`.
Since the automatic pull from the Github repo doesn't work anymore, directly push to Docker Hub:
git clone opam-ci
cd opam-ci/
git checkout opam2
git pull
docker build -t ralfjung/opam-ci:opam2 .
docker login
docker push ralfjung/opam-ci:opam2
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