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support for pinning entire git repos, and adjust the way our nightly jobs look

parent 784fdee7
......@@ -99,7 +99,9 @@ this end, add a job like this:
<<: *template
OPAM_PINS: "coq version git git+$STDPP_REV git git+$IRIS_REV"
STDPP_REV: "iris/stdpp"
IRIS_REV: "iris/iris"
OPAM_PINS: "coq version git+$STDPP_REV git+$IRIS_REV"
- triggers
......@@ -112,8 +114,11 @@ to the repo, and instead make it run when a pipeline is triggered through the
REST API or by a schedule. The pins are set up to install a development version
of all the dependencies, and the `8.10` branch of Coq.
Now ask an admin to set up a pipeline schedule. The schedule should set all the
`_REV` variables to the branches that should be tested against. We usually only
The `STDPP_REV` and `IRIS_REV` variables can be set via an API request to test
this repository against different branches or even forks of std++ and Iris (see
the `build-all` script in the Iris repository.)
Now ask an admin to set up a pipeline schedule. We usually only
do nightly builds for projects in the iris group; those schedules should be
"owned" by the `iris-dev` user so that the Iris development team gets the emails
about broken builds. This can be achieved by having an admin follow these steps:
......@@ -85,6 +85,15 @@ status "[prepare-opam] Processing pins"
while (( "$#" )); do # while there are arguments left
PACKAGE="$1" ; shift
# If `PACKAGE` starts with `git+https://`, this is a git repo we should pin for all its packages.
if [[ "$PACKAGE" == git+https://* ]]; then
status "[prepare-opam] pinning all packages in $PACKAGE"
opam pin add -y -n "$PACKAGE"
# Not adding anything to PINNED_PACKAGES; only pick up the right packages via dependencies.
KIND="$1" ; shift
VERSION="$1" ; shift
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