Commit c3e83edd authored by Ralf Jung's avatar Ralf Jung
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CI state should be fixed now

parent dc9ddbbc
......@@ -36,9 +36,6 @@ eval `opam conf env`
# By default, they are added with rank 1, i.e. at the top of the list. So we add them with increasing priority.
test -d "$OPAMROOT/repo/coq-released" || opam repo add coq-released
if echo "$@" | egrep "(dev|beta)" > /dev/null; then
# Temporary: clean up some mess
test -d "$OPAMROOT/repo/coq-extra-dev" && opam repo -a remove coq-extra-dev
test -d "$OPAMROOT/repo/coq-core-dev" && opam repo -a remove coq-core-dev
# We are compiling against a dev version of something. Get ourselves the dev repositories.
test -d "$OPAMROOT/repo/coq-extra-dev" || opam repo -a add coq-extra-dev
test -d "$OPAMROOT/repo/coq-core-dev" || opam repo -a add coq-core-dev
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