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Some thoughts on improving speed of log.atom verifications.

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......@@ -209,8 +209,9 @@ Section spec.
Next Obligation. verify_tac. Qed.
Next Obligation. verify_tac. Qed.
Next Obligation. verify_tac. Qed.
Next Obligation. intros; iSmash. Qed. (* verify_tac fails since it does induction, then gets conflicted on a ▷ ⌜_⌝ which is not used because of the later *)
Next Obligation. smash_verify_tac. Qed.
Next Obligation. intros; iSmash. Qed.
(* fails because we don't DropModal ▷ on WPs *)
End spec.
......@@ -149,6 +149,10 @@ Section glp_lemmas.
(* finally, when the environment is empty, mark the 'modality' as introducable *)
(* This should be able to be improved, to require less proof steps: just put only the non-Laterable things in the argument P.
However, my initial attempts failed. This is because the order matters in which things are put into the goal,
and the current approach keeps the order currently found in the environment, which seems to be okay.
Maybe we need a MakeSep which determines heuristically which goals should be put on the RHS? *)
Global Instance intuitionistically_introducable Δ F P :
TCEq (env_spatial Δ) Enil IntroducableInAs (PROP := PROP) (greatest_laterable_fixpoint_wrt F) P Δ (IntroduceHyp P (F P)) | 30.
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