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......@@ -46,6 +46,7 @@ The main workhorse of Diaframe. It performs a single *chunk of steps* of the aut
- `e = K e'` and we can find a specification `SPEC {{ L }} e' {{ U }}`: new goal is `|={⊤}=> L ∗ (∀ v, U -∗ WP (K v) {{ Φ }})`
- `G = |={E1, E2}=> ∃.. x, L ∗ G'`: perform steps of the automation until `L` has been proven, and `G'` remains.
- `G = ⊳ G'`: introduce all laters in the context, continue with goal `G'`.
Note that case 2 and 4 may indeed perform multiple of the steps described in the paper, which is why we say that `iStepS` performs a chunk of steps.
#### iStepsS
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