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fix accidental use of coPset domain

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......@@ -294,7 +294,7 @@ Section cmra.
- eapply set_infinite_subseteq, HE2inf. set_solver.
- intros i. rewrite left_id_L. destruct (Hdisj i) as [?|Hi]; first by left.
destruct (mf !! i) as [p|] eqn:Hp; last by left.
apply (elem_of_dom_2 (D:=coPset)) in Hp. right. set_solver.
apply (elem_of_dom_2 (D:=gset _)), elem_of_gset_to_coPset in Hp. right. set_solver.
Lemma dyn_reservation_map_reserve' :
ε ~~>: (λ x, E, set_infinite E x = dyn_reservation_map_token E).
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