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Iris 3.6.0 release notes

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development; every API-breaking change should be listed, but not every new
## Iris master
## Iris 3.6.0 (2022-01-22)
The highlights and most notable changes of this release are:
* Coq 8.15 is now supported, while Coq 8.13 and Coq 8.14 remain supported.
Coq 8.12 is no longer supported.
* Support for discardable fractions (`dfrac`) has been added to `gmap_view`
authoritative elements, and to the `mono_nat` library. See below for other
`dfrac`-related changes.
* A new `mono_list` algebra provides monotonically growing lists with an
exclusive authoritative element and persistent prefix witnesses. See
`iris/algebra/lib/mono_list.v` for details. An experimental logic-level
library wrapping the algebra is available at
`iris_staging/base_logic/mono_list.v`; if you use it, please give feedback on
the tracking issue
This release was managed by Ralf Jung, Robbert Krebbers, and Tej Chajed, with
contributions from Dan Frumin, Jonas Kastberg Hinrichsen, Lennard Gäher,
Matthieu Sozeau, Michael Sammler, Paolo G. Giarrusso, Ralf Jung, Robbert
Krebbers, Simon Friis Vindum, Tej Chajed, and Vincent Siles. Thanks a lot to
everyone involved!
**Changes in `algebra`**
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