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stop using coPset

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......@@ -282,10 +282,10 @@ Section cmra.
intros [Hmap [Hinf Hdisj]].
(* Pick a fresh set disjoint from the existing tokens [Ef] and map [mf],
such that both that set [E1] and the remainder [E2] are infinite. *)
edestruct (coPset_split_infinite ( (Ef dom coPset mf))) as
edestruct (coPset_split_infinite ( (Ef (gset_to_coPset $ dom (gset _) mf)))) as
(E1 & E2 & HEunion & HEdisj & HE1inf & HE2inf).
{ rewrite -difference_difference_L.
by apply difference_infinite, dom_finite. }
by apply difference_infinite, gset_to_coPset_finite. }
exists (dyn_reservation_map_token E1).
split; first by apply HQ. clear HQ.
rewrite dyn_reservation_map_validN_eq /=.
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