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......@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@ Qed.
Lemma same_length_lookup_Some {A B} (l1 : list A) (l2 : list B) (i : nat) (v : A):
length l1 = length l2 l1 !! i = Some v is_Some (l2 !! i).
move => Hlen H. eapply same_length_lookup => //. by exists v.
move => Hlen H. by eapply same_length_lookup.
Lemma StronglySorted_app {A} {R : A A Prop} `{!Transitive R} l1 l2 :
......@@ -316,7 +316,7 @@ Section defs.
btree_invariant o r n ks vs cs k, k ks br_min r k br_max r.
move => Hinv k Hk. apply elem_of_list_lookup in Hk as [i Hk]. assert (br_map r ).
{ eapply btree_invariant_has_key_non_empty => //. exists k. exact Hk. }
{ by eapply btree_invariant_has_key_non_empty. }
rewrite /btree_invariant bool_decide_true // /= in Hinv.
destruct Hinv as (Hlen&->&_&_&_&_&_&HSS&HB&_&_&_&_&_&Heq). apply HB.
assert (is_Some (vs !! i)) as [v Hv] by by eapply same_length_lookup_Some.
......@@ -834,7 +834,7 @@ Section typing.
iIntros "Hs Hv". iDestruct (i2p_proof with "Hs Hv") as (Q) "[HQ HT]" => /=. simpl in *.
iApply ("HT" with "HQ").
Global Instance typed_if_simplify_inst ot v (P T1 T2 : iProp Σ) n {SH : SimplifyHyp P (Some n)}:
Global Instance typed_if_simplify_inst ot v (P : iProp Σ) n {SH : SimplifyHyp P (Some n)}:
TypedIf ot v P | 1000 :=
λ T1 T2, i2p (typed_if_simplify ot v P T1 T2 n).
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