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add typing rule for ptrdiff on array

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......@@ -244,9 +244,10 @@ Inductive eval_bin_op : bin_op → op_type → op_type → state → val → val
val_to_loc v1 = Some l1
val_to_loc v2 = Some l2
l1.1 = l2.1
0 < ly.(ly_size)
valid_ptr l1 σ.(st_heap)
valid_ptr l2 σ.(st_heap)
val_of_Z ((l1.2 - l1.2) `div` ly.(ly_size)) ptrdiff_t None = Some v
val_of_Z ((l1.2 - l2.2) `div` ly.(ly_size)) ptrdiff_t None = Some v
eval_bin_op (PtrDiffOp ly) PtrOp PtrOp σ v1 v2 v
| RelOpPNull v1 v2 σ l v op b p a:
val_to_loc v1 = Some l
......@@ -535,6 +535,38 @@ Proof.
iModIntro. iMod "HE". by iFrame.
Lemma wp_ptr_diff Φ vl1 l1 vl2 l2 ly vo:
val_to_loc vl1 = Some l1
val_to_loc vl2 = Some l2
val_of_Z ((l1.2 - l2.2) `div` ly.(ly_size)) ptrdiff_t None = Some vo
l1.1 = l2.1
0 < ly.(ly_size)
loc_in_bounds l1 0 -
loc_in_bounds l2 0 -
(alloc_alive_loc l1 Φ vo) -
WP Val vl1 sub_ptr{ly , PtrOp, PtrOp} Val vl2 {{ Φ }}.
iIntros (Hvl1 Hvl2 Hvo ??) "Hl1 Hl2 HΦ".
iApply wp_binop_det. iIntros (σ) "Hσ".
destruct (decide (valid_ptr l1 σ.(st_heap))). 2: {
iDestruct "HΦ" as "[Ha _]".
by iMod (alloc_alive_loc_to_valid_ptr with "Hl1 Ha Hσ") as %?.
destruct (decide (valid_ptr l2 σ.(st_heap))). 2: {
iDestruct "HΦ" as "[Ha _]".
iMod (alloc_alive_loc_to_valid_ptr with "Hl2 [Ha] Hσ") as %?; [|done].
by iApply alloc_alive_loc_mono.
iDestruct "HΦ" as "[_ ?]".
iApply fupd_mask_intro; [set_solver|]. iIntros "HE".
iSplit. {
iPureIntro. split.
- inversion 1; by simplify_eq.
- move => ->. by apply: PtrDiffOpPP.
iModIntro. iMod "HE". by iFrame.
Lemma wp_get_member Φ vl l sl n E:
val_to_loc vl = Some l
is_Some (index_of sl.(sl_members) n)
......@@ -307,6 +307,42 @@ Section array.
TypedBinOp v (v ◁ᵥ i @ int it)%I l (l ◁ₗ{β} array_ptr ly base idx len) (PtrNegOffsetOp ly) (IntOp it) PtrOp :=
λ T, i2p (type_bin_op_neg_offset_array_ptr l β T ly it v i idx len base).
Lemma type_bin_op_diff_array_ptr_array l1 β l2 T ly idx (len : nat) tys:
(l1 ◁ₗ{β} array_ptr ly l2 idx len -
0 < ly.(ly_size)
0 < length tys
idx max_int ptrdiff_t
( ty, tys !! 0%nat = Some ty - l2 ◁ₗ{β} ty - alloc_alive_loc l2 True)
(l2 ◁ₗ{β} array ly tys - T (i2v idx ptrdiff_t) (t2mt (idx @ int ptrdiff_t)))) -
typed_bin_op l1 (l1 ◁ₗ{β} array_ptr ly l2 idx len) l2 (l2 ◁ₗ{β} array ly tys) (PtrDiffOp ly) PtrOp PtrOp T.
iIntros "HT (->&%&%&#Hlib) Hl2" (Φ) "HΦ".
iDestruct ("HT" with "[$Hlib//]") as (? ? ?) "HT".
have /(val_of_Z_is_Some None) [vo Hvo] : idx ptrdiff_t. {
split; [|done].
rewrite /min_int/=/int_half_modulus/=/bits_per_int/bytes_per_int/=/bits_per_byte. lia.
rewrite /i2v Hvo/=.
iApply wp_ptr_diff; [by apply: val_to_of_loc|by apply: val_to_of_loc| |done|done| | |].
{ rewrite /= Z.add_simpl_l Z.mul_comm Z.div_mul //. lia. }
{ iApply (loc_in_bounds_offset with "Hlib"); simpl; unfold addr in *; [done|nia|].
rewrite {2}/ly_size/=. nia. }
{ iApply (loc_in_bounds_shorten with "Hlib"). lia. }
iSplit. {
iDestruct "HT" as "[HT _]".
destruct tys as [|ty tys] => //=.
iDestruct "Hl2" as "(?&?&[Hty _])".
rewrite offset_loc_0. iApply alloc_alive_loc_mono; [simpl; done|].
iDestruct ("HT" with "[//] Hty") as "[$ _]". }
iDestruct "HT" as "[_ HT]". iSpecialize ("HT" with "Hl2").
iModIntro. iApply "HΦ"; [|iApply "HT"].
iPureIntro. by apply: val_to_of_Z.
Global Instance type_bin_op_diff_array_ptr_array_inst (l1 : loc) β l2 ly idx (len : nat) tys:
TypedBinOp l1 (l1 ◁ₗ{β} array_ptr ly l2 idx len)%I l2 (l2 ◁ₗ{β} array ly tys) (PtrDiffOp ly) PtrOp PtrOp :=
λ T, i2p (type_bin_op_diff_array_ptr_array l1 β l2 T ly idx len tys).
Lemma subsume_array_ptr_alloc_alive β l ly base idx len T:
alloc_alive_loc base T -
subsume (l ◁ₗ{β} array_ptr ly base idx len) (alloc_alive_loc l) T.
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