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add subsumption between values of structures

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......@@ -128,3 +128,14 @@ void test_not_ptr(){
int main(){
// Check that [return 0] is inserted corectly.
struct test { int a; };
[[rc::exists("n : Z")]]
[[rc::returns("struct<struct_test, n @ int<i32>>")]]
[[rc::ensures("{n = 1}")]]
struct test test_struct_return() {
struct test test;
test.a = 1;
return test;
......@@ -275,6 +275,31 @@ Section struct.
SubsumePlace l β (struct sl tys1) (struct sl tys2) | 10 :=
λ T, i2p (struct_mono sl tys1 tys2 l β T).
Lemma struct_mono_val sl tys1 tys2 v T `{!MovableLst tys1} `{!MovableLst tys2}:
length tys1 = length tys2 foldr (λ e T, v,
subsume (v ◁ᵥ (e.1 : mtype)) (v ◁ᵥ (e.2 : mtype)) T) T
(zip (movablelst_to_list tys1) (movablelst_to_list tys2)) -
subsume (v ◁ᵥ struct sl tys1) (v ◁ᵥ struct sl tys2) T.
iDestruct 1 as (Hlen) "H". iIntros "(%Hly&%Htys1&Hm)".
rewrite /(ty_own_val (struct _ _))/= -!assoc.
iSplit; [done|]. iSplit; [ iPureIntro; congruence |].
move: {Hly} Hlen Htys1. rewrite {1 2}(to_movablelst tys1) {1}(to_movablelst tys2) !fmap_length.
move: (movablelst_to_list tys1) => {}tys1'. clear dependent tys1. move: tys1' => tys1.
move: (movablelst_to_list tys2) => {}tys2'. clear dependent tys2. move: tys2' => tys2.
move: (sl_members sl) => ns {sl} Hlen Hns.
iInduction ns as [| [n ly] ns] "IH" forall (v tys1 tys2 Hlen Hns); simplify_eq/=.
{ destruct tys1, tys2 => //=. iFrame. }
destruct n; simplify_eq/=.
- destruct tys1, tys2 => //; simplify_eq/=.
iDestruct "Hm" as "[Hm1 Hm2]". iDestruct ("H" with "Hm1") as "[$ HT]".
iApply ("IH" with "[//] [//] HT Hm2").
- iDestruct "Hm" as "[$ Hm2]". iApply ("IH" with "[//] [//] H Hm2").
Global Instance struct_mono_val_inst sl tys1 tys2 v `{!MovableLst tys1} `{!MovableLst tys2}:
SubsumeVal v (struct sl tys1) (struct sl tys2) | 10 :=
λ T, i2p (struct_mono_val sl tys1 tys2 v T).
Lemma type_place_struct K β1 T tys tys' sl n l E1 E2 `{!DoStripGuarded β1 E1 E2 (struct sl tys) (struct sl tys')}:
( i ty1, field_index_of sl.(sl_members) n = Some i
tys' !! i = Some ty1
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