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......@@ -168,6 +168,11 @@ Global Instance map_lookup_total `{!Lookup K A (M A), !Inhabited A} :
LookupTotal K A (M A) | 20 := λ i m, default inhabitant (m !! i).
Typeclasses Opaque map_lookup_total.
(** Given a finite map [m] with keys [K] and values [A], the preimage
[map_preimage m] gives a finite map with keys [A] and values set [A]. The type
of [map_preimage] is very generic to support different map and set
implementations. A possible instance is [MKA:=gmap K A], [MADK:=gmap A (gset K)],
and [DK:=gset K]. *)
Definition map_preimage `{FinMapToList K A MKA, Empty MADK,
PartialAlter A DK MADK, Empty DK, Singleton K DK, Union DK}
(m : MKA) : MADK :=
......@@ -3272,6 +3277,10 @@ Section kmap.
End kmap.
Section preimage.
(** We restrict the theory to finite sets with Leibniz equality, which is
sufficient for [gset], but not for [boolset] or [propset]. The result of the
pre-image is a map of sets. To support general sets, we need setoid equality
on sets, and thus setoid equality on maps. *)
Context `{FinMap K MK, FinMap A MA, FinSet K DK, !LeibnizEquiv DK}.
Local Notation map_preimage :=
(map_preimage (K:=K) (A:=A) (MKA:=MK A) (MADK:=MA DK) (DK:=DK)).
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