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Clarify relationship between `gset_to_gmap` and `set_to_map`.

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......@@ -286,6 +286,11 @@ Section gset.
(** If you are looking for a lemma showing that [gset] is extensional, see
[sets.set_eq]. *)
(** The function [gset_to_gmap x X] converts a set [X] to a map with domain
[X] where each key has value [x]. Compared to the generic conversion
[set_to_map], the function [gset_to_gmap] has [O(n)] instead of [O(n log n)]
complexity and has an easier and better developed theory. *)
Definition gset_to_gmap {A} (x : A) (X : gset K) : gmap K A :=
(λ _, x) <$> mapset_car X.
......@@ -342,6 +347,13 @@ Section gset.
- rewrite gset_to_gmap_empty, dom_empty_L; done.
- rewrite gset_to_gmap_union_singleton, dom_insert_L, IH; done.
Lemma gset_to_gmap_set_to_map {A} (X : gset K) (x : A) :
gset_to_gmap x X = set_to_map (.,x) X.
apply map_eq; intros k. apply option_eq; intros y.
rewrite lookup_gset_to_gmap_Some, lookup_set_to_map; naive_solver.
End gset.
Typeclasses Opaque gset.
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