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......@@ -7,6 +7,13 @@ Coq 8.11 is no longer supported.
- Make sure that `gset` and `mapset` do not bump the universe.
- Rewrite `tele_arg` to make it not bump universes. (by Gregory Malecha, BedRock Systems)
- Change `dom D M` (where `D` is the domain type) to `dom M`; the domain type is
now inferred automatically. To make this possible, getting the domain of a
`gmap` as a `coGset` and of a `Pmap` as a `coPset` is no longer supported. Use
`gset_to_coGset`/`Pset_to_coPset` instead.
When combining `dom` with `≡`, this can run into an old issue (due to a Coq
issue, `Equiv` does not the desired `Hint Mode !`), which can make it
necessary to annotate the set type at the `≡` via `≡@{D}`.
## std++ 1.7.0 (2022-01-22)
......@@ -66,6 +66,7 @@ Lemma dom_filter_subseteq {A} (P : K * A → Prop) `{!∀ x, Decision (P x)} (m
dom (filter P m) dom m.
Proof. apply subseteq_dom, map_filter_subseteq. Qed.
(* FIXME: Once [Equiv] has [Mode !], we can remove all these [D] type annotations at [≡]. *)
Lemma dom_empty {A} : dom (@empty (M A) _) @{D} .
intros x. rewrite elem_of_dom, lookup_empty, <-not_eq_None_Some. set_solver.
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