Commit bb2262ee authored by Robbert Krebbers's avatar Robbert Krebbers
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Add lemma `lookup_total_preimage`.

parent 994462dc
......@@ -3355,6 +3355,14 @@ Section preimage.
+ apply set_choose_L in HXne as [j ?].
apply (lookup_preimage_None_1 _ _ j) in HX'. naive_solver.
Lemma lookup_total_preimage m x i :
i map_preimage m !!! x m !! i = Some x.
rewrite lookup_total_alt. destruct (map_preimage m !! x) as [X|] eqn:HX.
- by apply lookup_preimage_Some.
- rewrite lookup_preimage_None in HX. set_solver.
End preimage.
(** * Tactics *)
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