Commit b9b5c624 authored by Paolo G. Giarrusso's avatar Paolo G. Giarrusso Committed by Ralf Jung
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Revise settings for Coq warning

Revise following Iris `_CoqProject`

* Drop useless `-several-object-files`
* Add Coq 8.10 warnings.

Tested with Iris dev.2019-11-02.2.ea809ed4.
parent e89b6439
-Q exercises exercises
-Q solutions solutions
-arg -w -arg -notation-overridden,-redundant-canonical-projection,-several-object-files
# change_no_check does not exist yet in 8.9.
-arg -w -arg -convert_concl_no_check
# We have ambiguous paths and so far it is not even clear what they are (
-arg -w -arg -ambiguous-paths
# Can be triggered when importing some Iris files.
-arg -w -arg -notation-overridden
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