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Add monotone resource algebra

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......@@ -172,6 +172,7 @@ iris_heap_lang/lib/array.v
(* This file is still experimental. See its tracking issue for details on remaining
issues before stabilization. *)
From iris.algebra Require Export cmra.
From iris.algebra Require Import updates local_updates.
From iris.prelude Require Import options.
Local Arguments pcore _ _ !_ /.
Local Arguments cmra_pcore _ !_ /.
Local Arguments validN _ _ _ !_ /.
Local Arguments valid _ _ !_ /.
Local Arguments cmra_validN _ _ !_ /.
Local Arguments cmra_valid _ !_ /.
(* Given a preorder relation R on a type A we construct a resource algebra mra R
and an injection principal : A -> mra R such that:
[R x y] iff [principal x ≼ principal y]
where ≼ is the extension order of mra R resource algebra. This is exactly
what the lemma [principal_included] shows.
This resource algebra is useful for reasoning about monotonicity.
See the following paper for more details:
Reasoning About Monotonicity in Separation Logic
Amin Timany and Lars Birkedal
in Certified Programs and Proofs (CPP) 2021
Definition mra {A : Type} (R : relation A) : Type := list A.
Definition principal {A : Type} (R : relation A) (a : A) : mra R := [a].
(* OFE *)
Section ofe.
Context {A : Type} {R : relation A}.
Implicit Types a b : A.
Implicit Types x y : mra R.
Local Definition below (a : A) (x : mra R) := b, b x R a b.
Local Lemma below_app a x y : below a (x ++ y) below a x below a y.
- intros (b & [|]%elem_of_app & ?); [left|right]; exists b; eauto.
- intros [(b & ? & ?)|(b & ? & ?)]; exists b; rewrite elem_of_app; eauto.
Local Lemma below_principal a b : below a (principal R b) R a b.
- intros (c & ->%elem_of_list_singleton & ?); done.
- intros Hab; exists b; split; first apply elem_of_list_singleton; done.
Local Instance mra_equiv : Equiv (mra R) :=
λ x y, a, below a x below a y.
Local Instance mra_equiv_equiv : Equivalence mra_equiv.
split; [by firstorder|by firstorder|].
intros ??? Heq1 Heq2 ?; split; intros ?;
[apply Heq2; apply Heq1|apply Heq1; apply Heq2]; done.
Canonical Structure mraO := discreteO (mra R).
End ofe.
Global Arguments mraO [_] _.
(* CMRA *)
Section cmra.
Context {A : Type} {R : relation A}.
Implicit Types a b : A.
Implicit Types x y : mra R.
Local Instance mra_valid : Valid (mra R) := λ x, True.
Local Instance mra_validN : ValidN (mra R) := λ n x, True.
Local Program Instance mra_op : Op (mra R) := λ x y, x ++ y.
Local Instance mra_pcore : PCore (mra R) := Some.
Lemma mra_cmra_mixin : CmraMixin (mra R).
apply discrete_cmra_mixin; first apply _.
apply ra_total_mixin.
- eauto.
- intros ??? Heq a; specialize (Heq a); rewrite !below_app; firstorder.
- intros ?; done.
- done.
- intros ????; rewrite !below_app; firstorder.
- intros ???; rewrite !below_app; firstorder.
- rewrite /core /pcore /=; intros ??; rewrite below_app; firstorder.
- done.
- intros ? ? [? ?]; eexists _; done.
- done.
Canonical Structure mraR : cmra := Cmra (mra R) mra_cmra_mixin.
Global Instance mra_cmra_total : CmraTotal mraR.
Proof. rewrite /CmraTotal; eauto. Qed.
Global Instance mra_core_id (x : mra R) : CoreId x.
Proof. by constructor. Qed.
Global Instance mra_cmra_discrete : CmraDiscrete mraR.
Proof. split; last done. intros ? ?; done. Qed.
Local Instance mra_unit : Unit (mra R) := @nil A.
Lemma auth_ucmra_mixin : UcmraMixin (mra R).
Proof. split; done. Qed.
Canonical Structure mraUR := Ucmra (mra R) auth_ucmra_mixin.
Lemma mra_idemp (x : mra R) : x x x.
Proof. intros a; rewrite below_app; naive_solver. Qed.
Lemma mra_included (x y : mra R) : x y y x y.
split; [|by intros ?; exists y].
intros [z ->]; rewrite assoc mra_idemp; done.
Lemma principal_R_opN_base `{!Transitive R} n x y :
( b, b y c, c x R b c) y x {n} x.
intros HR; split; rewrite /op /mra_op below_app; [|by firstorder].
intros [(c & (d & Hd1 & Hd2)%HR & Hc2)|]; [|done].
exists d; split; [|transitivity c]; done.
Lemma principal_R_opN `{!Transitive R} n a b :
R a b principal R a principal R b {n} principal R b.
intros; apply principal_R_opN_base; intros c; rewrite /principal.
setoid_rewrite elem_of_list_singleton => ->; eauto.
Lemma principal_R_op `{!Transitive R} a b :
R a b principal R a principal R b principal R b.
Proof. by intros ? ?; apply (principal_R_opN 0). Qed.
Lemma principal_op_RN n a b x :
R a a principal R a x {n} principal R b R a b.
intros Ha HR.
destruct (HR a) as [[z [HR1%elem_of_list_singleton HR2]] _];
last by subst; eauto.
rewrite /op /mra_op /principal below_app below_principal; auto.
Lemma principal_op_R' a b x :
R a a principal R a x principal R b R a b.
Proof. intros ? ?; eapply (principal_op_RN 0); eauto. Qed.
Lemma principal_op_R `{!Reflexive R} a b x :
principal R a x principal R b R a b.
Proof. intros; eapply principal_op_R'; eauto. Qed.
Lemma principal_includedN `{!PreOrder R} n a b :
principal R a {n} principal R b R a b.
- intros [z Hz]; eapply principal_op_RN; first done. by rewrite Hz.
- intros ?; exists (principal R b); rewrite principal_R_opN; eauto.
Lemma principal_included `{!PreOrder R} a b :
principal R a principal R b R a b.
Proof. apply (principal_includedN 0). Qed.
Lemma mra_local_update_grow `{!Transitive R} a x b:
R a b
(principal R a, x) ~l~> (principal R b, principal R b).
intros Hana Hanb.
apply local_update_unital_discrete.
intros z _ Habz.
split; first done.
intros w; split.
- intros (y & ->%elem_of_list_singleton & Hy2).
exists b; split; first constructor; done.
- intros (y & [->|Hy1]%elem_of_cons & Hy2).
+ exists b; split; first constructor; done.
+ exists b; split; first constructor.
specialize (Habz w) as [_ [c [->%elem_of_list_singleton Hc2]]].
{ exists y; split; first (by apply elem_of_app; right); eauto. }
etrans; eauto.
Lemma mra_local_update_get_frag `{!PreOrder R} a b:
R b a
(principal R a, ε) ~l~> (principal R a, principal R b).
intros Hana.
apply local_update_unital_discrete.
intros z _; rewrite left_id; intros <-.
split; first done.
apply mra_included; by apply principal_included.
End cmra.
Global Arguments mraR {_} _.
Global Arguments mraUR {_} _.
(* Might be useful if the type of elements is an OFE. *)
Section mra_over_ofe.
Context {A : ofe} {R : relation A}.
Implicit Types a b : A.
Implicit Types x y : mra R.
Global Instance principal_ne
`{! n, Proper ((dist n) ==> (dist n) ==> iff) R} :
NonExpansive (principal R).
Proof. intros n a1 a2 Ha; split; rewrite !below_principal !Ha; done. Qed.
Global Instance principal_proper
`{! n, Proper ((dist n) ==> (dist n) ==> iff) R} :
Proper (() ==> ()) (principal R) := ne_proper _.
Lemma principal_inj_related a b :
principal R a principal R b R a a R a b.
intros Hab ?.
destruct (Hab a) as [[? [?%elem_of_list_singleton ?]] _];
last by subst; auto.
exists a; rewrite /principal elem_of_list_singleton; done.
Lemma principal_inj_general a b :
principal R a principal R b
R a a R b b (R a b R b a a b) a b.
Proof. intros ??? Has; apply Has; apply principal_inj_related; auto. Qed.
Global Instance principal_inj_instance `{!Reflexive R} `{!AntiSymm () R} :
Inj () () (principal R).
Proof. intros ???; apply principal_inj_general; auto. Qed.
Global Instance principal_injN `{!Reflexive R} {Has : AntiSymm () R} n :
Inj (dist n) (dist n) (principal R).
intros x y Hxy%discrete_iff; last apply _.
eapply equiv_dist; revert Hxy; apply inj; apply _.
End mra_over_ofe.
(* This is just an integration file for [iris_staging.algebra.list];
both should be stabilized together. *)
From iris.algebra Require Import cmra.
From iris.staging.algebra Require Import list.
From iris.staging.algebra Require Import list monotone.
From iris.base_logic Require Import bi derived.
From iris.prelude Require Import options.
......@@ -19,4 +19,16 @@ Section list_cmra.
Lemma list_validI l : l i, (l !! i).
Proof. uPred.unseal; constructor=> n x ?. apply list_lookup_validN. Qed.
End list_cmra.
Section monotone.
Lemma monotone_equivI {A : ofe} (R : relation A)
`{!( n : nat, Proper (dist n ==> dist n ==> iff) R)}
`{!Reflexive R} `{!AntiSymm () R} a b :
principal R a principal R b (a b).
uPred.unseal. do 2 split; intros ?.
- exact: principal_injN.
- exact: principal_ne.
End monotone.
End upred.
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