Commit 771b9aed authored by Ralf Jung's avatar Ralf Jung
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add twp_frame_wand

parent 4ffdfc18
......@@ -257,6 +257,12 @@ Proof. iIntros "[H Hwp]". iApply (twp_wand with "Hwp H"). Qed.
Lemma twp_wand_r s E e Φ Ψ :
WP e @ s; E [{ Φ }] ( v, Φ v - Ψ v) - WP e @ s; E [{ Ψ }].
Proof. iIntros "[Hwp H]". iApply (twp_wand with "Hwp H"). Qed.
Lemma twp_frame_wand s E e Φ R :
R - WP e @ s; E [{ v, R - Φ v }] - WP e @ s; E [{ Φ }].
iIntros "HR HWP". iApply (twp_wand with "HWP").
iIntros (v) "HΦ". by iApply "HΦ".
Lemma twp_wp_step s E e P Φ :
TCEq (to_val e) None
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