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    The unbounded fractional authoritative camera. · 151dda05
    Robbert Krebbers authored
    The unbounded fractional authoritative camera is a version of the fractional
    authoritative camera that can be used with fractions `> 1`.
    Most of the reasoning principles for this version of the fractional
    authoritative cameras are the same as for the original version. There are two
    - We get the additional rule that can be used to allocate a "surplus", i.e.
      if we have the authoritative element we can always increase its fraction
      and allocate a new fragment.
          ✓ (a ⋅ b) → ●U{p} a ~~> ●U{p + q} (a ⋅ b) ⋅ ◯U{q} b
    - At the cost of that, we no longer have the `◯U{1} a` is an exclusive
      fragmental element (cf. `frac_auth_frag_validN_op_1_l`).