Commit 061686bf authored by Simon Friis Vindum's avatar Simon Friis Vindum Committed by Ralf Jung
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Rename auth_both_frac_op to auth_both_op

Removes auth_both_op and renames auth_both_frac_op into auth_both_op.
parent 817a9c26
......@@ -150,6 +150,7 @@ Coq development, but not every API-breaking change is listed. Changes marked
- `|={E1,E2}|>=>^n Q` for `|={E1,E2}▷=>^n Q`
The full list can be found in [theories/bi/ascii.v](theories/bi/ascii.v),
where the ASCII notations are defined in terms of the unicode notations.
* Removed `auth_both_op` and renamed `auth_both_frac_op` into `auth_both_op`.
The following `sed` script should perform most of the renaming (FIXME: incomplete)
(on macOS, replace `sed` by `gsed`, installed via e.g. `brew install gnu-sed`):
......@@ -167,6 +168,8 @@ s/\blist_lookup_singletonM(|_lt|_gt|_ne)\b/list_lookup_singleton\1/g
# auth_both_frac_op rename
' $(find theories -name "*.v")
......@@ -306,10 +306,8 @@ Lemma big_opMS_auth_frag `{Countable B} (g : B → A) (X : gmultiset B) :
( [^op mset] x X, g x) [^op mset] x X, (g x).
Proof. apply (big_opMS_commute _). Qed.
Lemma auth_both_frac_op q a b : Auth (Some (q,to_agree a)) b {q} a b.
Lemma auth_both_op q a b : Auth (Some (q,to_agree a)) b {q} a b.
Proof. by rewrite /op /auth_op /= left_id. Qed.
Lemma auth_both_op a b : Auth (Some (1%Qp,to_agree a)) b a b.
Proof. by rewrite auth_both_frac_op. Qed.
Lemma auth_auth_frac_op p q a : {p + q} a {p} a {q} a.
......@@ -348,7 +346,7 @@ Proof. by rewrite auth_validI. Qed.
Lemma auth_both_validI {M} q (a b: A) :
({q} a b) @{uPredI M} q ( c, a b c) a.
rewrite -auth_both_frac_op auth_validI /=. apply bi.and_proper; [done|].
rewrite -auth_both_op auth_validI /=. apply bi.and_proper; [done|].
setoid_rewrite agree_equivI. iSplit.
- iDestruct 1 as (a') "[#Eq [H V]]". iDestruct "H" as (b') "H".
iRewrite -"Eq" in "H". iRewrite -"Eq" in "V". auto.
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