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......@@ -101,6 +101,8 @@ HeapLang, which is now in a separate package `coq-iris-heap-lang`.
* Remove the laws `pure_forall_2 : (∀ a, ⌜ φ a ⌝) ⊢ ⌜ ∀ a, φ a ⌝` from the BI
interface and factor it into a type class `BiPureForall`.
* Add notation `¬ P` for `P → False` to `bi_scope`.
* Add Coq side-condition `φ` to class `ElimAcc` (similar to what we already had
for `ElimInv` and `ElimModal`).
**Changes in `base_logic`:**
......@@ -176,6 +178,10 @@ HeapLang, which is now in a separate package `coq-iris-heap-lang`.
* Generalize HeapLang's `mapsto` (`↦`), `array` (`↦∗`), and atomic heap
connectives to discardable fractions. See the CHANGELOG entry in the category
`base_logic` for more information.
* Opening an invariant or eliminating a mask-changing update modality around a
non-atomic weakest precondition creates an side-condition `Atomic ...`.
Before, this would fail with the mysterious error "iMod: cannot eliminate
modality (|={E1,E2}=> ...) in (WP ...)".
**Changes in `heap_lang`:**
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