Commit 09c48057 authored by Dmitry Khalanskiy's avatar Dmitry Khalanskiy Committed by Ralf Jung
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Add lemmas about local updates of lists

parent d55f8339
......@@ -328,6 +328,24 @@ Section properties.
length l2 length l1 (l1 ++ l3) l2 = (l1 l2) ++ l3.
Proof. intros ?. by rewrite list_op_app take_ge // drop_ge // right_id_L. Qed.
Lemma list_drop_op l1 l2 i:
drop i l1 drop i l2 = drop i (l1 l2).
apply list_eq. intros j.
rewrite list_lookup_op !lookup_drop -list_lookup_op.
Lemma list_take_op l1 l2 i:
take i l1 take i l2 = take i (l1 l2).
apply list_eq. intros j.
rewrite list_lookup_op.
destruct (decide (j < i)%nat).
- by rewrite !lookup_take // -list_lookup_op.
- by rewrite !lookup_take_ge //; lia.
Lemma list_lookup_validN_Some n l i x : {n} l l !! i {n} Some x {n} x.
Proof. move=> /list_lookup_validN /(_ i)=> Hl Hi; move: Hl. by rewrite Hi. Qed.
Lemma list_lookup_valid_Some l i x : l l !! i Some x x.
......@@ -512,6 +530,152 @@ Section properties.
by apply cmra_valid_validN.
Lemma list_lookup_local_update l k l' k':
( i, (l !! i, k !! i) ~l~> (l' !! i, k' !! i))
(l, k) ~l~> (l', k').
intros Hup.
apply local_update_unital=> n z Hlv Hl.
assert ( i, {n} (l' !! i) /\ l' !! i {n} (k' z) !! i) as Hup'.
{ intros i. destruct (Hup i n (Some (z !! i))); simpl in *.
- by apply list_lookup_validN.
- rewrite -list_lookup_op.
by apply list_dist_lookup.
- by rewrite list_lookup_op.
split; [apply list_lookup_validN | apply list_dist_lookup].
all: intros i; by destruct (Hup' i).
Lemma list_alter_local_update i f g l k:
(l !! i, k !! i) ~l~> (f <$> (l !! i), g <$> (k !! i))
(l, k) ~l~> (alter f i l, alter g i k).
intros Hup.
apply list_lookup_local_update.
intros i'.
destruct (decide (i = i')) as [->|].
- rewrite !list_lookup_alter //.
- rewrite !list_lookup_alter_ne //.
(* The "⋅ (replicate ... ++ ...)" part is needed because `m` could be
shorter than `l`. *)
Lemma app_l_local_update l k k' m m':
(k, drop (length l) m) ~l~> (k', m')
(l ++ k, m) ~l~> (l ++ k', take (length l) m (replicate (length l) ε ++ m')).
move /(local_update_unital _) => HUp.
apply local_update_unital => n mm /(app_validN _) [Hlv Hkv] Heq.
move: (HUp n (drop (length l) mm) Hkv).
intros [Hk'v Hk'eq];
first by rewrite list_drop_op -Heq drop_app_le // drop_ge //.
split; first by apply app_validN.
rewrite Hk'eq.
apply list_dist_lookup. intros i. rewrite !list_lookup_op.
destruct (decide (i < length l)%nat) as [HLt|HGe].
- rewrite !lookup_app_l //; last by rewrite replicate_length.
rewrite lookup_take; last done.
rewrite lookup_replicate_2; last done.
rewrite comm assoc -list_lookup_op.
rewrite (mixin_cmra_comm _ list_cmra_mixin) -Heq.
rewrite lookup_app_l; last done.
apply lookup_lt_is_Some in HLt as [? HEl].
by rewrite HEl -Some_op ucmra_unit_right_id.
- assert (length l i)%nat as HLe by lia.
rewrite !lookup_app_r //; last by rewrite replicate_length.
rewrite replicate_length.
rewrite lookup_take_ge; last done.
replace (mm !! _) with (drop (length l) mm !! (i - length l)%nat);
last by rewrite lookup_drop; congr (mm !! _); lia.
rewrite -assoc -list_lookup_op. symmetry.
clear. move: n. apply equiv_dist. apply: ucmra_unit_left_id.
Lemma app_l_local_update' l k k' m:
(k, ε) ~l~> (k', m)
(l ++ k, ε) ~l~> (l ++ k', replicate (length l) ε ++ m).
remember (app_l_local_update l k k' ε m) as HH. clear HeqHH. move: HH.
by rewrite take_nil drop_nil ucmra_unit_left_id.
Lemma app_local_update l m:
m (l, ε) ~l~> (l ++ m, replicate (length l) ε ++ m).
move: (app_l_local_update' l [] m m).
rewrite app_nil_r.
move=> H Hvm. apply H.
apply local_update_unital=> n z _. rewrite ucmra_unit_left_id.
move=><-. rewrite ucmra_unit_right_id. split; last done.
by apply cmra_valid_validN.
(* The "replicate ..." part is needed because `m'` could be
shorter than `l`. *)
Lemma app_r_local_update l l' k m m':
length l = length l'
(l, take (length l) m) ~l~> (l', m')
(l ++ k, m) ~l~> (l' ++ k, replicate (length l) ε m' ++ drop (length l) m).
move=> HLen /(local_update_unital _) HUp.
apply local_update_unital=> n mm /(app_validN _) [Hlv Hkv] Heq.
move: (HUp n (take (length l) mm) Hlv).
intros [Hl'v Hl'eq];
first by rewrite list_take_op -Heq take_app_le // take_ge //.
split; first by apply app_validN.
assert (k {n} (drop (length l) (m mm))) as ->
by rewrite -Heq drop_app_le // drop_ge //.
move: HLen. rewrite Hl'eq. clear. move=> HLen.
assert (length m' length l)%nat as HLen'.
by rewrite list_length_op in HLen; lia.
rewrite list_op_app list_length_op replicate_length max_l;
last lia.
rewrite list_drop_op -assoc. rewrite HLen. move: HLen'.
remember (length l) as o. clear.
rewrite list_length_op.
remember (length _ `max` length _)%nat as o'.
assert (m' take o' mm {n} replicate o' ε (m' take o' mm))
as <-; last done.
subst. remember (m' take _ _) as m''.
remember (length m' `max` length (take o mm))%nat as o''.
assert (o'' length m'')%nat as HLen.
by subst; rewrite list_length_op !take_length; lia.
move: HLen. clear.
intros HLen. move: n. apply equiv_dist, list_equiv_lookup.
intros i. rewrite list_lookup_op.
remember length as L.
destruct (decide (i < L m''))%nat as [E|E].
- subst. apply lookup_lt_is_Some in E as [? HEl].
rewrite HEl.
destruct (replicate _ _ !! _) eqn:Z; last done.
apply lookup_replicate in Z as [-> _].
by rewrite -Some_op ucmra_unit_left_id.
- rewrite lookup_ge_None_2.
rewrite lookup_ge_None_2.
by rewrite replicate_length; lia.
rewrite -HeqL. lia.
Lemma app_r_local_update' l l' k k':
length l = length l'
(l, ε) ~l~> (l', k')
(l ++ k, ε) ~l~> (l' ++ k, k').
move=> HLen /(local_update_unital _) HUp.
apply local_update_unital=> n mz /(app_validN _) [Hlv Hkv].
move: (HUp n l). rewrite !ucmra_unit_left_id.
intros [Hk'v Hk'eq] <-; [done|done|].
split; first by apply app_validN.
move: HLen. rewrite Hk'eq. clear. move=> HLen.
assert (length k' length l)%nat as Hk'Len
by (rewrite HLen list_length_op; lia).
rewrite (mixin_cmra_comm _ list_cmra_mixin k' (l ++ k)).
rewrite list_op_app_le; last done.
by rewrite (mixin_cmra_comm _ list_cmra_mixin l k').
End properties.
(** Functor *)
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