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......@@ -83,6 +83,11 @@ HeapLang, which is now in a separate package `coq-iris-heap-lang`.
duplicate of `fupd_plain_laterN`.
* Strengthen `big_sepL2_app_inv` by weakening a premise (it is sufficient for
one of the two pairs of lists to have equal length).
* Add lemmas to big-ops that provide ownership of a single element and permit
changing the quantified-over predicate when re-assembling the big-op:
`big_sepL_lookup_acc_impl`, `big_sepL2_lookup_acc_impl`,
`big_sepM_lookup_acc_impl`, `big_sepM2_lookup_acc_impl`,
`big_sepS_elem_of_acc_impl`, `big_sepMS_elem_of_acc_impl`.
**Changes in `proofmode`:**
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