Commit 265a88d5 authored by Robbert Krebbers's avatar Robbert Krebbers
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Factor out `inG_unfold_validN`.

parent fc6fdaa1
......@@ -91,6 +91,12 @@ Proof.
rewrite /inG_unfold /inG_fold -rFunctor_map_compose -{2}[x]rFunctor_map_id.
apply (ne_proper (rFunctor_map _)); split=> ?; apply iProp_fold_unfold.
Lemma inG_unfold_validN n (x : inG_apply i (iPropO Σ)) :
{n} (inG_unfold x) {n} x.
split; [|apply (cmra_morphism_validN _)].
move=> /(cmra_morphism_validN inG_fold). by rewrite inG_fold_unfold.
Global Instance iRes_singleton_ne γ : NonExpansive (@iRes_singleton Σ A _ γ).
Proof. by intros n a a' Ha; apply discrete_fun_singleton_ne; rewrite Ha. Qed.
......@@ -100,8 +106,7 @@ Proof.
rewrite discrete_fun_validI (forall_elim (inG_id i)) discrete_fun_lookup_singleton.
rewrite gmap_validI (forall_elim γ) lookup_singleton option_validI.
trans ( cmra_transport inG_prf a : iProp Σ)%I; last by destruct inG_prf.
apply valid_entails.
move=> n /(cmra_morphism_validN inG_fold). by rewrite inG_fold_unfold.
apply valid_entails=> n. apply inG_unfold_validN.
Lemma iRes_singleton_op γ a1 a2 :
iRes_singleton γ (a1 a2) iRes_singleton γ a1 iRes_singleton γ a2.
......@@ -260,8 +265,7 @@ Proof.
apply singleton_updateP', (iso_cmra_updateP' inG_fold).
{ apply inG_unfold_fold. }
{ apply (cmra_morphism_op _). }
{ intros n x. split; [|apply (cmra_morphism_validN _)].
move=> /(cmra_morphism_validN inG_fold). by rewrite inG_fold_unfold. }
{ apply inG_unfold_validN. }
by apply cmra_transport_updateP'.
- apply exist_elim=> m; apply pure_elim_l=> -[a' [-> HP]].
rewrite -(exist_intro a'). rewrite -persistent_and_sep.
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