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......@@ -83,6 +83,11 @@ Coq development, but not every API-breaking change is listed. Changes marked
* Make use of `ofe_iso` in the COFE solver.
* The functions `{o,r,ur}Functor_diag` are no longer coercions, and renamed into
`{o,r,ur}Functor_apply` to better match their intent.
* Change `inv_iff`, `cinv_iff` and `na_inv_iff` to make order of arguments
consistent and more convenient for `iApply`. They are now of the form
`inv N P -∗ ▷ □ (P ↔ Q) -∗ inv N Q` and (similar for `na_inv_iff` and
`cinv_iff`), following e.g., `inv_alter` and `wp_wand`.
* Add lemma `is_lock_iff` and show that `is_lock` is contractive.
**Changes in heap_lang:**
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