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......@@ -36,7 +36,8 @@ Changes in Coq:
+ `DRAMixin` -> `DraMixin`
+ `DRAT` -> `DraT`
+ `STS` -> `Sts`
- Many lemmas also changed their name. A partial list:
- Many lemmas also changed their name. `always_*` became `persistently_*`,
and furthermore: (the following list is not complete)
+ `impl_wand` -> `impl_wand_1` (it only involves one direction of the
+ `always_impl_wand` -> `impl_wand`
......@@ -49,7 +50,7 @@ Changes in Coq:
direction of this equivalence got swapped for consistency's sake)
The following `sed` snippet should get you most of the way:
sed 's/\bPersistentP\b/Persistent/g; s/\bTimelessP\b/Timeless/g; s/\bCMRADiscrete\b/CmraDiscrete/g; s/\bSTS\b/Sts/g' -i $(find -name "*.v")
sed 's/\bPersistentP\b/Persistent/g; s/\bTimelessP\b/Timeless/g; s/\bCMRADiscrete\b/CmraDiscrete/g; s/\bCMRAT\b/CmraT/g; s/\bCMRAMixin\b/CmraMixin/g; s/\bUCMRAT\b/UcmraT/g; s/\bUCMRAMixin\b/UcmraMixin/g; s/\bSTS\b/Sts/g' -i $(find -name "*.v")
* Fix a bunch of consistency issues in the proof mode, and make it overall more
usable. In particular:
......@@ -71,6 +72,8 @@ sed 's/\bPersistentP\b/Persistent/g; s/\bTimelessP\b/Timeless/g; s/\bCMRADiscret
and `iAlways` also works for the plainness modality. A breaking change,
however, is that these tactics now no longer work when the universal
quantifier or modality is behind a type class opaque definition.
Furthermore, this can change the name of anonymous identifiers introduced
with the "%" pattern.
* The generic `fill` operation of the `ectxi_language` construct has been
defined in terms of a left fold instead of a right fold. This gives rise to
more definitional equalities.
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