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Fix typos in docs of `iNext`.

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......@@ -134,8 +134,8 @@ Modalities
and subjectively. The optional argument `mod` can be used to specify what
modality to introduce in case of ambiguity, e.g. `⎡|==> P⎤`.
- `iAlways` : a deprecated alias of `iModIntro`.
- `iNext n` : an alias of `iModIntro (▷^n P)`.
- `iNext` : an alias of `iModIntro (▷^1 P)`.
- `iNext n` : an alias of `iModIntro (▷^n _)`.
- `iNext` : an alias of `iModIntro (▷^_ _)`.
- `iMod pm_trm as (x1 ... xn) "ipat"` : eliminate a modality `pm_trm` that is
an instance of the `ElimModal` type class. Instances include: later, except 0,
basic update and fancy update.
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