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Documentation for `iStartProof` and `iStopProof`.

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......@@ -8,6 +8,18 @@ of the tactics can be applied when the connective to be introduced or to be elim
appears under a later, an update modality, or in the conclusion of a
weakest precondition.
Starting and stopping the proof mode
- `iStartProof PROP` : start the proof mode by turning a Coq goal into a proof
mode entailment. This tactic is performed implicitly by all proof mode tactics
described in this file, and thus should generally not be used by hand. The
optional argument `PROP` can be used to explicitly specify which BI logic
`PROP : bi` should be used. This is useful to drop down in a layered logic,
e.g. to drop down from `monPred PROP` to `PROP`.
- `iStopProof` to turn the proof mode entailment into an ordinary Coq goal
`big star of context ⊢ proof mode goal`.
Applying hypotheses and lemmas
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