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......@@ -102,6 +102,20 @@ HeapLang, which is now in a separate package `coq-iris-heap-lang`.
* Add lemmas for big-ops of magic wands: `big_sepL_wand`, `big_sepL2_wand`,
`big_sepM_wand`, `big_sepM2_wand`, `big_sepS_wand`, `big_sepMS_wand`.
* Add `fupd_mask_intro` which can be conveniently `iApply`ed to goals of the
form `|={E1,E2}=>` to get rid of the `fupd` in the goal if `E2 ⊆ E1`. The
lemma `fupd_mask_weaken Enew` can be `iApply`ed to shrink the first mask to
`Enew` without getting rid of the modality; the same effect can also be
obtained slightly more conveniently by using `iMod` with `fupd_mask_subseteq
Enew`. To make the new names work, rename some existing lemmas:
`fupd_intro_mask'``fupd_mask_subseteq` (implicit arguments also changed
here), `fupd_mask_weaken``fupd_mask_intro_discard`. Remove `fupd_mask_same`
since it was unused and obscure. In the `BiFUpd` axiomatization, rename
`bi_fupd_mixin_fupd_intro_mask` to `bi_fupd_mixin_fupd_mask_subseteq` and
weaken the lemma to be specifically about `emp` (the stronger version can be
**Changes in `proofmode`:**
* The proofmode now preserves user-supplied names for existentials when using
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