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......@@ -7,7 +7,8 @@ lemma.
**Changes in `algebra`:**
* Rename `agree_op_{inv,invL}'` to `to_agree_op_{inv,inv_L}`, and add
* Rename `agree_op_inv'` to `to_agree_op_inv`,
`agree_op_invL'` to `to_agree_op_inv_L`, and add
* Rename `auth_auth_frac_op_invL` to `auth_auth_frac_op_inv_L`,
`excl_auth_agreeL` to `excl_auth_agree_L`,
......@@ -29,6 +30,19 @@ lemma.
pure facts rather than the previous default of `a`. This also requires some
changes if you were implementing `FromForall`, in order to forward names.
The following `sed` script helps adjust your code to the renaming (on macOS,
replace `sed` by `gsed`, installed via e.g. `brew install gnu-sed`).
Note that the script is not idempotent, do not run it twice.
sed -i -E -f- $(find theories -name "*.v") <<EOF
# agree and L suffix renames
## Iris 3.3.0 (released 2020-07-15)
This release does not have any outstanding highlights, but contains a large
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