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......@@ -80,6 +80,13 @@ With this release, we dropped support for Coq 8.9.
`saved_pred_alloc_cofinite`, `auth_alloc_strong`, `auth_alloc_cofinite`,
* Change `uPred_mono` to only require inclusion at the smaller step-index.
* Put `iProp`/`iPreProp`-isomorphism into the `own` construction. This affects
clients that define higher-order ghost state constructions. Concretely, when
defining an `inG`, the functor no longer needs to be applied to `iPreProp`,
but should be applied to `iProp`. This avoids clients from having to push
through the `iProp`/`iPreProp`-isomorphism themselves, which is now handled
once and for all by the `own` construction.
**Changes in `program_logic`:**
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