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......@@ -3,9 +3,32 @@ way the logic is used on paper. We also mention some significant changes in the
Coq development, but not every API-breaking change is listed. Changes marked
`[#]` still need to be ported to the Iris Documentation LaTeX file(s).
## Iris 3.x.y
## Iris 3.1.0 (unfinished)
* [#] CMRA morphisms now have to be homomorphisms, not just monotone functions.
Changes in and extensions of the theory:
* [#] CMRA morphisms have to be homomorphisms, not just monotone functions.
* [#] Show that f has a fixed point if f^k is contractive.
* Provide least and greatest fixed point (defined in the logic of Iris).
* Prove the inverse of wp_bind.
Changes in Coq:
* Some things got renamed and notation changed:
- The unit of a CMRA: empty -> unit, ∅ -> ε
- IntoOp -> IsOp
* Fix a bunch of consistency issues in the proof mode, and make it overall more
usable. In particular:
- All proof mode tactics start the proof mode if necessary; iStartProof is no
longer needed.
- Change in the grammar of specialization patterns: >[...] -> [> ...]
- ? More stuff ?
* Redefine bigops to get more definitional equalities.
* Improve solve_ndisj.
* Improve handling of pure (non-state-dependent) reductions in heap_lang.
* Use Hint Mode to prevent Coq from making arbitrary guesses in the presence of
evars. There are a few places where type annotations are now needed.
* The prelude folder has been moved to its own project: std++
## Iris 3.0.0 (released 2017-01-11)
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