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......@@ -25,6 +25,16 @@ With this release, we dropped support for Coq 8.9.
* Rename `auth_both_valid` to `auth_both_valid_discrete` and
`auth_both_frac_valid` to `auth_both_frac_valid_discrete`. The old name is
used for new, stronger lemmas that do not assume discreteness.
* Add the view camera `view`, which generalizes the authoritative camera
`auth` by being parameterized by a relation that relates the authoritative
element with the fragments.
* Redefine the authoritative camera in terms of the view camera. As part of this
change, we have removed lemmas that leaked implementation details. Hence, the
only way to construct elements of `auth` is via the elements `●{q} a` and
`◯ b`. The constructor `Auth`, and the projections `auth_auth_proj` and
`auth_frag_proj` no longer exist. Lemmas that referred to these constructors
have been removed, in particular, `auth_included`, `auth_valid_discrete`,
and `auth_both_op`.
**Changes in `proofmode`:**
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