Commit 9370e668 authored by Dmitry Khalanskiy's avatar Dmitry Khalanskiy Committed by Ralf Jung
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Add option_local_update_None

parent 730f24ec
......@@ -172,6 +172,16 @@ Proof.
split; first done. destruct mz as [?|]; constructor; auto.
Lemma option_local_update_None {A: ucmra} (x x' y': A):
(x, ε) ~l~> (x', y') -> (Some x, None) ~l~> (Some x', Some y').
intros HUp. apply local_update_unital. intros ? ?.
rewrite ucmra_unit_left_id => HValid HEq. rewrite -HEq.
destruct (HUp n (Some x)); rewrite /= //.
- by rewrite ucmra_unit_left_id.
- simpl in *. split; try done. rewrite -Some_op. by constructor.
Lemma alloc_option_local_update {A : cmra} (x : A) y :
(None, y) ~l~> (Some x, Some x).
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