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......@@ -11,12 +11,33 @@ Changes in and extensions of the theory:
the quantification over the next states and the later modality. This makes it
possible to prove more powerful lifting lemmas: The new versions feature an
"update that takes a step".
* [#] Weaken the semantics of CAS in heap_lang to be efficiently implementable:
CAS may only be used to compare "unboxed" values that can be represented in a
single machine word.
* [#] Add weakest preconditions for total program correctness.
* [#] "(Potentially) stuck" weakest preconditions are no longer considered
Changes in Coq:
* An all-new generalized proofmode that abstracts away from Iris! The proofmode
can now be used with non-step-indexed and even non-affine (i.e., linear)
logics. TODO: Add reference to paper. Developments instantiating the
proofmode typeclasses may need significant changes. For developments just
using the proofmode tactics, porting should not be too much effort. Notable
things to port are:
- All the BI laws moved from the `uPred` module to the `bi` module. For
example, `uPred.later_equivI` became `bi.later_equivI`.
- Big-ops are automatically imported, imports of `iris.base_logic.big_op` have
to be removed.
- The ⊢ notation can sometimes infer different (but convertible) terms when
seraching for the BI to use, which (due to Coq limitations) can lead to
failing rewrites, in particular when rewriting at function types.
* The `iInv` tactic can now be used without the second argument (the name for
the closing update). It will then instead add the obligation to close the
invariant to the goal.
* Improved pretty-printing of Iris connectives (in particular WP and fancy
updates) when Coq has to line-wrap the output.
* Rename `timelessP` -> `timeless` (projection of the `Timeless` class)
* The CMRA axiom `cmra_extend` is now stated in `Type`, using `sigT` instead of
in `Prop` using `exists`. This makes it possible to define the function space
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