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......@@ -123,8 +123,8 @@ With this release, we dropped support for Coq 8.9.
and looked very confusing in context: `l ↦ - ∗ P` looks like a magic wand.
* Change `gen_inv_heap` notation `l ↦□ I` to `l ↦_I □`, so that `↦□` can be used
by `gen_heap`.
* Strengthen `mapsto_valid_2` to provide both a bound on the fractions and
* Strengthen `mapsto_valid_2` conclusion from `✓ (q1 + q2)%Qp` to
`⌜✓ (q1 + q2)%Qp ∧ v1 = v2⌝`.
**Changes in `program_logic`:**
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