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......@@ -166,6 +166,32 @@ Coq development, but not every API-breaking change is listed. Changes marked
+ Add instance `coreP_affine P : Affine P → Affine (coreP P)` and
lemma `coreP_wand P Q : <affine> ■ (P -∗ Q) -∗ coreP P -∗ coreP Q`.
* Add lemma `mapsto_mapsto_ne : ¬ ✓(q1 + q2)%Qp → l1 ↦{q1} v1 -∗ l2 ↦{q2} v2 -∗ ⌜l1 ≠ l2⌝`.
* Flatten the BI hierarchy by merging the `bi` and `sbi` canonical structures.
This gives significant performance benefits on developments that construct BIs
from BIs (e.g., use `monPred`). For, example it gives a performance gain of 37%
overall on lambdarust-weak, with improvements for individual files up to 72%,
see Iris issue #303. The concrete changes are as follows:
+ The `sbi` canonical structure has been removed.
+ The `bi` canonical structure contains the later modality. It does not
require the later modality to be contractive or to satisfy the Löb rule, so
we provide a smart constructor `bi_later_mixin_id` to get the later axioms
"for free" if later is defined to be the identity function.
+ There is a separate class `BiLöb`, and a "free" instance of that class if
the later modality is contractive. A `BiLöb` instance is required for the
`iLöb` tactic, and for timeless instances of implication and wand.
+ There is a separate type class `BiInternalEq` for BIs with a notion of
internal equality (internal equality was part of `sbi`). An instance of this
class is needed for the `iRewrite` tactic, and the various lemmas about
internal equality.
+ The class `SbiEmbed` has been removed and been replaced by classes
`BiEmbedLater` and `BiEmbedInternalEq`.
+ The class `BiPlainly` has been generalized to BIs without internal equality.
As a consequence, there is a separate class `BiPropExt` for BIs with
propositional extensionality (i.e., `■ (P ∗-∗ Q) ⊢ P ≡ Q`).
+ The class `BiEmbedPlainly` is a bi-entailment (i.e., `⎡■ P⎤ ⊣⊢ ■ ⎡P⎤`
instead of `■ ⎡P⎤ ⊢ ⎡■ P⎤`) as it has been generalized to BIs without a
internal equality. In the past, the left-to-right direction was obtained for
"free" using the rules of internal equality.
The following `sed` script should perform most of the renaming (FIXME: incomplete)
(on macOS, replace `sed` by `gsed`, installed via e.g. `brew install gnu-sed`):
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