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add big insert and update lemmas for ghost_map

parent e14e1fed
...@@ -215,4 +215,47 @@ Section lemmas. ...@@ -215,4 +215,47 @@ Section lemmas.
rewrite insert_delete. eauto. rewrite insert_delete. eauto.
Qed. Qed.
(** Derived big-op versions of above lemmas *)
Lemma ghost_map_insert_big {γ m} m' :
m' ## m
ghost_map_auth γ 1 m ==
ghost_map_auth γ 1 (m' m) ([ map] k v m', k [γ] v).
revert m; induction m' as [|k v m' Hk IH] using map_ind; iIntros (m Hdisj) "Hm".
{ rewrite left_id_L. auto. }
iMod (IH with "Hm") as "[Hm'm Hm']"; first by eapply map_disjoint_insert_l.
rewrite !big_opM_insert // -insert_union_l //.
by iMod (ghost_map_insert with "Hm'm") as "($ & $)";
first by apply lookup_union_None.
Theorem ghost_map_update_big {γ m m0} m1 :
dom (gset K) m0 = dom (gset K) m1
ghost_map_auth γ 1 m -
([ map] kv m0, k [γ] v) -
|==> ghost_map_auth γ 1 (m1 m)
[ map] kv m1, k [γ] v.
iIntros (Hdom) "Hauth Hm0". apply (comm (R:=()) (=)) in Hdom.
iInduction m0 as [|k v m0 Hk] "IH" using map_ind forall (m m1 Hdom).
- rewrite dom_empty_L in Hdom.
apply dom_empty_inv_L in Hdom as ->.
rewrite left_id_L big_sepM_empty.
by iFrame.
- rewrite big_sepM_insert //.
iDestruct "Hm0" as "[Hl Hm0]".
rewrite dom_insert_L in Hdom.
assert (k dom (gset K) m1) as Hindom by set_solver.
apply elem_of_dom in Hindom as [v' Hlookup].
iMod (ghost_map_update v' with "Hauth Hl") as "[Hauth Hl]".
iMod ("IH" $! (<[k:=v']> m) (delete k m1) with "[%] Hauth Hm0") as "[Hauth Hm0]".
{ apply (not_elem_of_dom (D:=gset K)) in Hk. set_solver. }
(* FIXME this is an embedded proof of [delete_insert_union] *)
rewrite -insert_union_r; last by rewrite lookup_delete.
rewrite insert_union_l insert_delete [<[k:=v']> m1]insert_id; last done.
iFrame. iClear "#".
iApply big_sepM_delete; first done. by iFrame.
End lemmas. End lemmas.
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