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bib: Fix VSync citation

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......@@ -3024,14 +3024,24 @@
@InProceedings{ oberhauser2021:vsync,
title = {{VSync}: {P}ush-button verification and optimization for
synchronization primitives on weak memory models},
author = {Jonas Oberhauser and {Rafael Lourenco de Lima} Chehab and
Diogo Behrens and Ming Fu and Antonio Paolillo and Lilith
Oberhauser and Koustubha Bhat and Yuzhong Wen and Haibo
Chen and Jaeho Kim and Viktor Vafeiadis},
title = {{VSync}: {P}ush-Button Verification and Optimization for
Synchronization Primitives on Weak Memory Models},
author = {Oberhauser, Jonas and Chehab, Rafael Lourenco de Lima and
Behrens, Diogo and Fu, Ming and Paolillo, Antonio and
Oberhauser, Lilith and Bhat, Koustubha and Wen, Yuzhong and
Chen, Haibo and Kim, Jaeho and Vafeiadis, Viktor},
booktitle = {\bibASPLOS{2021}},
year = 2021
year = {2021},
isbn = {9781450383172},
publisher = {ACM},
address = {New York, NY, USA},
url = {},
doi = {10.1145/3445814.3446748},
pages = {530–545},
numpages = {16},
keywords = {weak memory models, model checking},
location = {Virtual, USA},
optseries = {ASPLOS 2021}
@InProceedings{ odersky2005:scalable,
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